Blue Ridge BBQ

By Nathan Hunzeker



Over the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of cooking 1000's of ribs and chicken thighs, dozen's of boston butts and beef briskets. Also, I have dabbled in smoking fish, cheese, wings, sausage, and various other experiments.
Most of my cooking was done in small water smokers or inexpensive off-set smokers. I also have smoked in many grills and a small homemade trailer cooker. I have yet to get my hands on one of those 1/4 steel fancy units.


I pride myself with the ability to get great results smoking something in a beat up cheap grill, or over an open pit on a rainy day. I just haven't had the opportunity to get one of these expensive cookers that holds heat so well that it does all the work for you. Hopefully, some of you can relate.
I have learned a lot of the practical and scientific details that produce great outcomes. Some of which are choosing wood, applying smoke, wrapping meat, and brine/rub techniques.
I make things that I have mastered, but I also like to try new things. I mostly grill and smoke meat, but I experiment often and cook many other things.